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Coatings and sprayings

Today there are many options how to apply coatings whether manually with roller, brush or by machine, e.g. air spraying, airless spraying or their combination (air mix spraying). Advantages of one or another method always depend on coating and the size, where with machine application it is possible to do up to 10,000 m2 daily with solid large areas.

Concrete is indisputedly the most frequently used building material. Concrete structures are exposed to many adverse effects that impair their strength and structure. That is why it is advisable to protect the concrete structures against the effects of frost and heat or against pressures, shocks or mechanical stresses.
To achieve the longest service life of metal structures, their quality surface treatment is the most important. The right choice of the type of surface treatment of metal structures and execution of surface treatment of metal structures has significant influence on their service life, as well as on their esthetic appearance and anticorrosive protection of metal structures.
Primary function of protective coatings of wooden structures is protection of wood against mechanical influences and climatic infuences. The durability of coating depends on careful preparation of wood prior to coating, on quality of selected colours and impregnation, on method of painting, as well as the experience and skills of painters.
Shotcrete - i.e. sprayed concrete, is used for repairs and reinforcement of building structures, e.g. reinforcement of building pits, exposed walls, old vaults, or temporary stabilization of a slope. Dry process of shotcrete application - a dry mixture with hardening accelerator, which is to be used within a certain number of hours, is used.
Preventive on fire coatings do not prevent burning and damage of the structure by fire, only the effect of the fire is slowed down, which prolongs the time to evacuate persons or your property. Preventive on fire coatings are used in exterior as well as interior. They are special coatings resistant against humidity and changes of temperature.