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Coatings and sprayings of concrete structures

Concrete is indisputedly the most frequently used building material. Concrete structures are exposed to many adverse effects that impair their strength and structure. That is why it is advisable to protect the concrete structures against the effects of frost and heat or against pressures, shocks or mechanical stresses.

To the most frequently coated concrete structures belong:

  • Concrete floors coatings
  • Coatings of panel houses and buildings
  • Coatings of concrete bridges
  • Coatings of concrete tanks, containers, reservoirs
  • Coatings of industrial floors - maintenance coatings, signal coatings and protective coatings of floors

Based on the analysis of the customer's requirements we develop an exactly tailored coating system.
We standardly use: polyurethane coatings and acrylate coatings, protective epoxy coatings, weather-resistant coatings, coatings resistant to chemical load and UV light.

We have years of experience with coatings of concrete structures from coatings of concrete floors to coatings of reservoirs, coatings of containers, coatings of tanks and extensive concrete structures such as coatings of bridges.