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Coatings and sprayings of metal structures

To achieve the longest service life of metal structures, their quality surface treatment is the most important. The right choice of the type of surface treatment of metal structures and execution of surface treatment of metal structures has significant influence on their service life, as well as on their esthetic appearance and anticorrosive protection of metal structures.

Based on the analysis of the customer's requirements we develop an exactly tailored coating system. We standardly use: polyurethane coatings, protective epoxide coatings, chlorinated rubber coatings,  weather-resistant coatings, chemical-resistant coatings and UV light, as well as special coating systems.

Our team has long-term experience with the coatings of steel structures and we can satisfy even the most difficult requirements of the customer in relation to corrosion resistance of the steel structure. These include coatings of containers, coatings of tanks and extensive steel structures like coatings of bridges.