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Heat insulations of lofts

Advantages – there is no significant change of fysical characteristics due to humidity. Polyurethane does not absorb water, or if it does, then only into cells and lambda changes minimally, max. 0.04. With Nobasil there is a change up to 0.08. Due to physical inputs and air exchange there is a change, e.g. with Nobasil, but with polyurethane only minimally. When wind is blowing, then with the application of other materials, e.g. ones based on glass wools, there are losses up to 60 % at the wind speed 15 m/sec.

Polyurea retains its properties and air does not pass through it, it is impervious to air unlike Nobasil or glass wools and at the same time, in the heat insulations based on polyurethane there is no molding. Regardless of shapes or gaps, due to the fact that the mentioned insulation is sprayed, it can get into any space and there increase its volume a hundredfold. It does not change its volume.

Soft foam - advantage is that it can be deformed, or it is possible to press it up to 10 % and stretched to 5 %. The system is closed also due to other material (e.g. wood).