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Injection is the filling and hardening of cracks and cavities by injection materials determined by the type of material injected and the requirement of the acquisition of lost static or hydroinsulation properties. In the damaged structures themselves we try to restore the lost properties such as tightness and bearing capacity. When restoring the required properties it is necessary to set the goal of injection in such a way so that it fulfilled the required purpose.

Due to missing insulation capillary moisture builds up in the masonry. With moisture, soluble salts get into the masonry and are deposited in the capillaries, which reduces their diameter. This allows for water to rise higher. The water evaporates from the masonry surface, the salts are dried and crystallized. This increases their volume and disturbs the surface layers due to crystalline pressure.
Rising of water through the foundations of buildings or underground parts of buildings is an undesirable malfunction of each building.  Identification of malfunction of the building and leaking of water into undesirable parts of the building is the basis of determination of further steps. Frequent malfunctions include: cracked piping in the wall, poorly sealed roofs or rain gutters.
Local cavity injection and crack injection is part of common activities related to concrete in the building industry. Correctly chosen injection material type depending on the environment and and type of crack of the concrete structure and compliance with the technologic procedure are the basis for effectively implemented injection. We use polymer hardening and hydraulic hardening injection materials.
Strenghtening injection is mainly used in older buildings, e.g. in historic buildings. With strengthening cement injection we achieve the area masonry reinforcement, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the masonry, and also preventing the masonry cracking. If it is not possible to use strengthening cement injection (e.g. with historic buildings in order to retain the original composition of material), we use strenghtening crystalline injection.