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Injection of reinforcement of substrates

Strenghtening injection is mainly used in older buildings, e.g. in historic buildings. With strengthening cement injection we achieve the area masonry reinforcement, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the masonry, and also preventing the masonry cracking. If it is not possible to use strengthening cement injection (e.g. with historic buildings in order to retain the original composition of material), we use strenghtening crystalline injection.

Injection is the filling and hardening of cracks and cavities by injection materials determined by the type of material injected and the requirement of the acquisition of lost static or hydroinsulation properties. In the damaged structures themselves we try to restore the lost properties such as tightness and bearing capacity. When restoring the required properties it is necessary to set the goal of injection in such a way so that it fulfilled the required purpose.

Areas of use of injections:

  • sealing of seepages in walls and floors
  • stabilization of bedrock, stabilization of building foundations
  • preventing landslide during excavations
  • static filling of cavities and cracks of bearing structures
  • sealing of transitions and dilatations
  • sealing of pipeline connections, shafts, kinets ...
  • stabilization of bedrock and creation of hydroinsulation wall

Injection materials used:

  • Epoxy resins
  • Polyurethane resins
  • Cement milks and suspensions
  • Acrylates

Strengthening cement injection and strenghtening crystalline injection prevent seepage of moisture through the masonry and seepages of water. We try to choose and design technological procedure for the customers in such way that the effect of the injection is as durable as possible.