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Directly mobile polyurea hydroinsulations

Polyurea is a highly reactive urea based resin, applied hot at the temperature of about 80 °C, sprayed with a special high-pressure two-component device. Due to chemical reaction and temperature gas CO2 is formed, which forms a closed cell structure and thus creates excellent hydroinsulation characteristics of polyurea. Polyurea is applied to different surfaces.

Benefits of polyurea insulation
  • quick reaction (walkable after a minute)
  • high thermal load
  • high compressive strength (300-600 %), tensile strength and adhesion to the substrate
  • high chemical resistance, particularly against petroleum products
  • high resistance against biological influences
  • raw materials used for manufacture are ecological
  • does not contain volatile substances (freons and formaldehyde)
  • health safety
  • minimum load of insulated surface
  • low abrasion
  • quick return of the insulated surface or structure into operation
  • variability of use
  • gas-proof
  • resistance against acid and alkaline environment

Areas of use:

  • insulation against water and ground humidity, insulation of building foundations
  • parking areas, floors
  • insulation of tanks, reservoirs, sewers, swimming pools
  • protection of concrete and metal tanks