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Hydroinsulation of tanks

With insulations and remediations of retention tanks and remediations of waste tanks there are specific and exact requirements for used materials. It is usually protection of building structures, or remediation of building structures, against chemical load of industrial and household waste waters, alkalines, acids and other aggressive liquids.

This category includes: retention tanks, water management buildings, waste water treatment plants, sewerage networks, pipelines etc.

How we do it, what we use, materials

After insulation or remediation the structure must comply with the conditions of impermeability and water resistance in such a way that leakages and seepages of liquids. We achieve this by relevantly designed hydroinsulation systems. By the application of crystalline insulation systems we achieve resealing of concrete structures of tanks and reservoirs and we reseal their passages with seals and strips.


Because good insulation and remediation is the basic pillar of a successful implementation of an object, we make sure that the high quality of the result is maintained.