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Inforcing of bearing constructions

Today we can observe two main cases when weakening of bearing structures occurs and their reinforcement has to be executed.  The first case is the repair of structures, or if these structures are overloaded due to expansion of capacities and load cycles.  The second case is if the building is undersized (often because the investor wants to save) and consequently it is needed to strengthen the whole structure

How we do it, what we use...

The reinforcement of structures using carbon lamellas is based on the design of a structural designer. For pillars and beams carbon fiber fabrics are used.  The advantage of application of carbon fiber fabrics is speed and efficiency, while the problem of any shape can be solved.  In case that a bearing structure of an older structure is being reinforced, it is needed before the application of carbon lamellas to execute remediationrepair of reinforced concrete structures.  Extremely lightweight lamella features high tensile strengthDamage surface must be prior to adhesion of lamellas thoroughly cleaned.  The lamellas are adhered in the tensile zone to the concrete structure being reinforced. 


What helps us to the perfect reinforcement of a structure is determination and development of a complex system of remediation materials – from reprofile mortars, through long-lasting elastic sealants to correctly designed system of protective coatings of concrete