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Cutting and drilling of concrete

We offer you cutting and drilling with diamond technology of reinforced concrete and concrete structures and masonry.  We also offer cutting of window openings and cutting of door openings in partitions, cutting and demolition of partitions, cutting and drilling of construction holes and transitions.

Methods of cutting and drilling:

  • dry dust-free method
  • wet method

Cut and drilled materials:

  • concrete
  • reinforced concrete
  • brick
  • panel

Scope of cutting and drilling:

  • Drills for coupling thorns (8 – 40 mm)
  • Core drilling (28 – 240 mm)
  • Cutting of gaps (0 – 150 mm)
  • Cutting with grinding saws (0 – 135 mm)
  • Cutting with wall saw
  • Cutting with rope saw

During drilling and cutting with diamond technology the statics of the object is not damaged, dust formation is minimized and noise is 15 - 20 times lower than with classic demolition with a breaker and also microcracks are prevented.  In the final we get clean drilled hole and no additional finihing of surfaces is required.