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Grinding and polishing

We have grinders in many configurations. From the most common hand-held grinder to specialized tools for grinding and polishing of floors. We use specialized floor grinders for grinding and polishing of marble, granite and concrete. The machines we use for grinding concrete floors have strong driving units. Correct selection of specific type of abrasive material impacts the correct grinding or polishing since the start of implementation of the order.

Industrial floors are among the most loaded structures of industrial buildings. They resist different types of operational load continuously 7 days a week. High dynamic load of warehouse handling equipment and chemical influences most frequently contribute to the load and damage of industrial floors.

We offer three types of treatment of surfaces:
Concrete surface – the surface is formed by grinded and polished concrete (open structure of concrete itself called terazzo)
Filling surface –  we apply hard filler into the floor surface (smoother and more uniform impression of the treated floor)
Synthetic surface – these are different types of synthetic surfaces (with the requirement of unaturation and high chemical resistance of the floor)

Precise implementation of grinded and polished surface bings about easy maintenance and washability of the surface.
In cleaning machines, only clean water is used to wash the surface thus treated, thereby reducing the total cost of cleaning the floor thus treated.


With our grinding technology machinery we are able to provide our customers with a new industrial floor as well as to renovate your existing floors.