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Innovation and modernization of locks Gabčíkovo waterworks injection of identified leaks crack injection and injection of expansion joints in the fillings and emptying channels of the right lock chamber… more >
Repair of catch basins under transformers Repair of catch basins under transformers - ESt Križovany more >
Roof spraying Hotel Carlton Bratislava Roof reconstruction - Hotel Carlton Bratislava more >
Hydroinsulation of a railway bridge Mobile insulation of the bridge deck at the track. more >
Blasting the bridge The complete reconstruction of the bridge consists of the reconstruction of the superstructure and the rehabilitation of the substructure, which we… more >
Bridge remediations Complete reconstruction and remediations of substructures, full implementation. more >
Fire protection spray The load-bearing capacity of an unprotected steel structure decreases rapidly in the event of a fire and loses its strength, which leads to damage to… more >
Hydroinsulations tanks Polyurea spray with anti-slip in the SO 840 V1 building and airless surface paint spray on polyurea WCW 1 and 2 Jaslovské Bohunice. more >
Repair of transformer holding tanks Based on the investor's request, we repaired the transformer holding tanks. more >
Apartments in Bratislava more >
Remediations of the parking house in „Carlton“  more >
Transformers hydroinsulations in Spišská N. Ves more >
Swimming pool Vrútky more >
Polyurea spray in storage tank more >
Floor renovation in Hencovce more >
PUR insulation in a family house more >
Sprayed thermal insulation - Microbrewery more >
Tunnel Višňové more >
Hospital in Martin more >
Hydroinsulations transformer station in Varín more >