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Preparation of surfaces

Surface preparation includes thorough removal of all damaged, cracked, incompatible or contaminated layers of the structure. Various technologies are used for that, from manual chipping off of the concrete through pneumatic hammers, milling, sanding, shot peening to high-pressure water jet. The choice of technology depends on particular conditions, and that particularly on the shape and dimensions of the structure, type of the structure and scale of damage of the concrete, requirements related to the thickness of the removed layer and the quality of the prepared surface.

One of the most suitable and today most frequently used methods of surface preparation is high-pressure water jet, which very efficiently removes the damaged parts of the structure and does not damage the deeper good layers. With this technology the secondary contamination of the structure with dust does not occur. High-pressure water jet can be modified for deep removal of the concrete (concentrated into one thin jet), or for surface cleaning (diffused on rotary or swivel head into a beam).

Surface preparation ends with preparation of cohesive, clean and appropriately rough surface, to which to which new layers adhese well.

We have grinders in many configurations. From the most common hand-held grinder to specialized tools for grinding and polishing of floors. We use specialized floor grinders for grinding and polishing of marble, granite and concrete. The machines we use for grinding concrete floors have strong driving units.
Milling - belongs to a group of preparatory work to ensure adhesion and anchoring of new surfaces to the original substrate. In the building industry the most frequently milled surfaces are concrete surfaces.
Blasting with grit is a method of preparation of surfaces using compressed air and an abrasive mostly in a dry way. Blasting removes dirt, paints and different surface treatments from the surface and creates a suitable surface for further surface treatments.
High-pressure water cleaning is the use of high-speed high-pressure water jets to cut almost all solid materials and to clean various surfaces. With a high pressure water jet, high pressure water is forced to pass through a small orifice or nozzle bore, where the limitation of the small bore leads to high-pressure water flow.
We offer you cutting and drilling with diamond technology of reinforced concrete and concrete structures and masonry.  We also offer cutting of window openings and cutting of door openings in partitions, cutting and demolition of partitions, cutting and drilling of construction holes and transitions. Methods of cutting and drilling:
Jetting with steel balls is the most common way of preparation of horizontal surfaces. The substrate preparation remains clean with open structure of the surface and thus very suitable for further operations requiring clean dry surface.