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Cement floors

In general, we know cement floor systems, epoxy floor systems and polyurethane floor systems, that are used as decorative floors, or in different industries, such as industrial floors.

Polyurethane floors - have outstanding flexibility, are smooth, scratch resistant, overcome cracks and are extraordinarily firm
Use of polyurethane floors is ideal for public buildings, commercial buildings, as well as for medical facilities
They are completely smooth and form easily cleaned, hygienic and durable floors.

Epoxy floors are commonly used in warehouses, as well as in production areas. Epoxy floors have exceptionally high durability and mechanical strength.
Epoxy floors are resistant to chemical, oils, fuels and corrosive liquids.

Into polyurethane floors as well as into epoxy floors it is possible to apply cement fillings. With cement fillings we achieve cheaper, but highly resistant surfaces, e.g. in warehouses and factories.