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Stone carpets

With stone carpet we ensure renovation of newer as well as older exterior and interior concrete areas. If the interlocking pavement is laid in the underlying concrete, it is possible to use a stone carpet on it as well. Stone carpet may also be used for terraces, balconies, walkways, driveways or entrances into garages, as a suitable esthetic element for decoration of walkable areas around swimming pools, outer stairs and staircases.

How we do it, what we use, materials

Ground humidity is present even in the driest areas. Humidity standardly gets to the surface through capillaries in the form of steam and so it gets into all the construction layers of the floor. It is necessary to prevent this tranfer, e.g. with continuous insulation layer of asphalt board or suitably chosen special foils.

Stone carpet is formed by a mixture of natural non-coloured stone and two-component epoxy resin. It has excellent features such as integrity, water permeability, easy maintenance, natural appearance and interesting material cost


If you are looking for a professional company to implement your stone carpet, we are the right choice for you. Individual approach, superior quality and favourable prices are what we are glad to offer to you.