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Preventive on fire coatings

Preventive on fire coatings do not prevent burning and damage of the structure by fire, only the effect of the fire is slowed down, which prolongs the time to evacuate persons or your property. Preventive on fire coatings are used in exterior as well as interior. They are special coatings resistant against humidity and changes of temperature.

How we do it, what we use - materials

We apply fire protection of bearing constructions to steel, wood and concrete. Applied preventive on fire coatings are certified and comply with the prescribed examinations according to STN-EN.

The amount of preventive on fire coating determines the set time period of structure protection and so the affected structure is better resistant against burning, deforming and fall for 45 minutes longer compared to structures where the fire protection was not applied.


Compliance to technological procedure during preparation of substrates and during application of preventive on fire coatings are important for the efficiency of the applied coating to comply with the fire protection requirements of buildings.