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Spraying of dry and wet shotcrete

Shotcrete - i.e. sprayed concrete, is used for repairs and reinforcement of building structures, e.g. reinforcement of building pits, exposed walls, old vaults, or temporary stabilization of a slope.

Dry process of shotcrete application - a dry mixture with hardening accelerator, which is to be used within a certain number of hours, is used.
Wet process of shotcrete application - ready pre-fabricated mixture that is applied immediately on site is used.

How we do it, what we use, materials

Based on the analysis of the customer's requirements we develop exactly tailored shotcrete system. We standardly use shotcretes to repair damaged and broken reinforced concrete structure, remediation of pillars of bridges and reinfoced concrete walls of line structures.


Our team has long-term experience with the application of shotcrete system and we can satisfy even the most difficult requirements of the customer. Among them are, for instance, applications of shotcretes in road construction for temporary stabilization of tunnel edges.