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Remediation of masonry

We meet with the remediation of masonry most often in connection with old, historic buildings (churches, buildings in city centres), where the walls are from a mixture of bricks, aggregate and other building compounds. 

Fault manifestation: masonry damping, shedding of plaster, masonry degradationdecay.

The influence of weather conditions (change of seasons, particularly summer - winter) is the most frequent cause of masonry damage. The main cause of the decay is non-functional or no hydroinsulation, as a result of which water containing salt (chlorides) is absorbed by the masonry. These salts crystallize in the masonry and this results in the decay of masonry and shedding of plasters.


Because in the case of non-functional hydroinsulation water leaks into the structure, it is needed to solve the renewal of hydroinsulation first, and that in the form of injection curtain, or undercutting and insertion of waterproofing foil. Then it is needed to remove the degraded parts of plaster and execute the remediation of masonry with remediation mortars.


During the remediation of masonry we use only quality insulation materials (air-insulating systems, dry remediation mortar mixtures or remediation plastes systems) from our as well as from foreign manufacturers. This remediation method has long been proven not only by our practice in the building industry.