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Insulations resistant to chemicals

By application of chemically resistant insulations we ensure impermeability of aggressive substances from an object or into an object that could spread hazardous substances and substances harmful to health into surrounding environment. Such objects include: reservoirs, buildings permanently in touch with aggressive substances (e.g. salts, acids, hydroxides and alkalines), tanks with heating oils and tanks for petroleum products.

How we do it, what we use, materials

Based on the analysis of the customer's requirements we develop an exactly tailored We standardly use chemically resistant insulations on the mPVC basis or polyethylene chemically resistant insulations specially modified so that they provide the chemically resistant insulation with required properties.


We have years of experience with application of chemically resistant insulations and we can satisfy even the most difficult requirements of the customer in food, meat, agriculture, chemical plants and heavy industry. These include, for example, special insulations of steel and reinforced concrete reservoir tanks and tanks loaded with petroleum products or insulations for extremely loaded objects with concentrated acids and lyes.